Women’s Presidents Organization

The WPO is the premier membership organization for women presidents & CEOs (and managing directors) of privately held, multi-million dollar companies. Through global, confidential and collaborative peer-learning groups, the WPO accelerates business growth, enhances competitiveness, and promotes economic security. It is the ultimate destination for successful women entrepreneurs. In chapters composed of approximately 20 accomplished women entrepreneurs, women presidents, from diverse industries and backgrounds, address business concerns in a roundtable format and function as an informal board of directors for their businesses. There are currently 130 chapters in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Peru and South Africa.

Chapters are moderated by professionally-trained facilitators, all of whom own their own businesses.   Each chapter serves as a peer advisory group based on the 4 C’s of WPO:Collaboration, Confidentiality, Commitment and Connections. WPO members address both strategic and operational issues focusing on financial concerns, organizational development, hiring and firing and other issues defined by chapter members, to drive their businesses to the next level.

Members join WPO to:
• Increase the business and financial success of your business and your peers.
• Develop innovative solutions to business challenges through discussions held in a confidential environment.
• Provide and participate in continuing education in business and leadership.
• Increase awareness of women’s issues and opportunities.
• Access a forum where women presidents can make strategic contacts and promote business development.
• Increase the visibility of your business on the local, national, and international levels.
• Reenergize and revitalize yourself in your role as a woman president, thereby leading to a more productive balance in work and life.
• Celebrate your success and the success of your peers.

If you think the Women Presidents’ Organization. might help you and your business to succeed, contact Kandy Hirsch to find out more.

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