Business Coaching Climbing

At The Leader’s Edge, our job is to help you develop your edge. As a business owner, member of the C-Suite, or any senior executive position can feel quite lonely. At The Leader’s Edge we offer three distinct services to supplement your training, experience and that of your management team.


  • Having a professional board of advisors to help guide your success;
  • Understanding how your habits and patterns prevent you from being the best leader you can be;
  • Uncovering your blind spots;
  • Hiring and keeping the best talent;
  • Developing a deep awareness of how to reach and influence those around you, including staff, clients, vendors, friends and family;

Every day you make strategic and tactical decisions that affect the future of your business and your family. If you are like most leaders you do so in isolation and with incomplete information. Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid making the mistakes that other leaders have made?

An Executive Coach serves several functions. Your coach acts as a sounding board to bounce ideas off of, to challenge you, and to hold you accountable (when others won’t) for those things that will directly advance your business, your goals, and your life away from the business.

At The Leader’s Edge we offer a complete suite of services all designed to turn you and your executives into a powerful, results-generating team. You as the CEO or business owner and your direct reports can choose from:

  • Individual Business Coaching sessions with some of the most seasoned business coaches in Tucson.
  • Exit planning services with NAVIX Consultants, one of the oldest and most successful exit planning businesses in the country, with experience planning over 500 distinct exits.
  • Business Revisory. That’s not a typo. Our typical client in this area is a business that may be a startup. Or it may simply be a business that, while successful, often does not have the systems, people, and organization in place to facilitate organized, profitable growth and manage risks.
  • Executive Team Leadership Development including a Ten-Part, year long management team training program designed to meet the needs of your team and to be “sticky.”