Managesment Business CoachingWould you like to enhance the skills of your mid-level managers? We offer a year long, comprehensive training program that is delivered in house to your management team as a group. Unlike traditional training approaches, our approach blends the introduction of new information with the wisdom of the individual managers, creating a sense of teamwork and group learning. Managers learn together, practice together, support each others’ development, and have the opportunity to work on real, site- and organization specific issues during the training sessions.

Our year long management development program includes group and individual work and a unique method that includes:

• A carefully selected book or collection of readings for each topic
• One 4-6 hour , highly interactive and intimate training workshop session each month, delivered on site to minimize time away
• One individual executive coaching session each month for each management team member, provided by a Certified Executive Coach with thousands of hours spent coaching CEO’s and senior executives.
Our year long management development program typically addresses these topics. The actual curriculum for your management team development program is customized according to the experience and needs of your management team.

1. Program Overview and Personality Profiles
2. Leadership Excellence
3. Communications
4. Coaching for Performance
5. Customer Service
6. Management by Objective and Project Management
7. Basic Supervision
8. Performance Evaluation
9. Hiring, Recruiting, and Interviewing
10. Meeting Skills
11. Negotiation
12. Managing Change

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