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Performance Coaching

Business CoachingEvery Superstar Has a Coach

Have you ever wondered if you’d benefit from your own Performance Coach? Can you imagine an all-star athlete or even your own little league all-star progressing without one? If you’ve never experienced coaching from a seasoned professional, it might be time to give it a try. Check out our 15-Point Coaching Program here.

How Do I Know If Business Coaching Is Right For Me?
Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer yes to one or more, chances are that a seasoned, professional Business Coach could be a great investment.
• Would you like to make better decisions?
• Would your performance be enhanced if someone helped you hold yourself accountable for commitments you make?Business Coaching Climbing
• Could you do a better job of managing growth if you had some help that was dedicated to improving your performance as a leader?
• Do you sometimes feel isolated—like you are simply going it alone?
•Would you like some impartial support dealing with change?

How Do I Choose a Business Coach?
The simple answer is to ask some of your peers for referrals. Even with a trusted referral look for some or all of these attributes.
• Choose a coach who has actually run a business or held executive management positions, preferably with profit and loss responsibility.
• Choose a coach who has plenty of experience. Our coaches and coaching teams have literally thousands of hours coaching CEO’s, senior executives and business owners. Expect no less.
• Ask for and check references—lots of them.
• Choose a coach who has a support network to rely on.
• Choose a coach that has completed formal training and preferably certification from a recognized coaching organization like the Coaches Training Institute.
• Choose a coach who, from the outset, works with you to set a results- and time-based agenda. Your time and your money are precious commodities. Insist on results. If you don’t get results, move on.


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