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Social Media Ideas for Business

In December, Vistage International speaker and social media expert Dave Nelsen addressed our two Vistage Tucson CEO groups.  Dave’s task–introduce the CEO to the plethora of social media channels out there so he or she can make the right social media investments. Dave presented 21 options, and explained each.

  1. Use QR codes
  2.  Ensure your social media has personality, is interesting and is entertaining.
  3. Run an idea exchange
  4. Set up  Google alerts
  5. Tune in with Twitter search
  6. Explore yammer or chatter
  7. Video your happy customers
  8. Consider WordPress for your website
  9. Read a high profile blog and comment
  10. Subscribe to something
  11. Write a blog of your own
  12. Explore Google and Alexa for keywords
  13. Set a social media policy
  14. GetSatisfaction for support
  15. Compare your site to others using 4 low cost tools
  16. Make a Facebook fan page
  17. Use Google+
  18. Join appropriate LinkedIn groups
  19. Create a Ning network
  20. Save money by using Crowdsource for your design needs
  21. Transform your monologue into dialog


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