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Consider Emotional Intelligence Before Making That Next Hire

According to Beth Miller writing in the Executive Street Blog , … there is more than one type of intelligence, and one being considered more and more is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence, or EQ, encompasses more than a person’s feelings, however; it determines how they relate to others, their management style, their ability to manage their emotions, and their ability to manage their own job performance.

By assessing a job candidate’s emotional intelligence, you need not rely solely on their itemized past job duties—you also have the option of predicting how they will behave in the workplace if you hire them. Read the entire Executive Street Blog Entry at

Emotional intelligence is also the focus of our next meeting, and enrollment is open for Tucson Vistage Group 9126. If you own or lead a small business, are a “C-Level” executive in a larger company, or have a senior executive that you would like to develop for a leadership position we may have a seat at the table.

Join us in November for an exploration into our own emotional intelligence, with renowned Vistage speaker Heather Anderson. Heather’s session includes a personalized emotional quotient assessment for each participant.

More importantly learn why Vistage members routinely outperform their competition, and why our average member made it through the recession with an INCREASE in sales. Send me a message and let’s grab coffee to see if you qualify.

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