The Leader’s Edge has recently affiliated with NAVIX Consultants, the leading national consultancy helping business owners to exit on their terms, achieve financial freedom, and create sustainable business legacies. We will be serving business owners in Arizona and the Southwestern US, helping to prepare their business and themselves for a happy exit.

If you are a business owner wondering when it’s the right time to begin planning for your exit, look behind you. According to our research, nine out of ten owners stated they do not have a current, written exit plan. Most owners need guidance on what a sound plan looks like. Naturally, most owners have no idea what is required to be ready for exit, because they have never exited before. The marketplace offers little help.

A thorough and sound exit plan needs to address a variety of business, personal, financial, accounting, legal and other issues. If a plan fails to consider any one of these areas, it could not only miss an issue but possibly cause more harm than good. Please review our “exit planning” page for a deeper look at the requirements for a solid exit and the resources we make available to you as an exit planning client. Contact us for a no-cost 45 minute consultation that will give you a solid sense of how prepared you and your company are for a successful, fulfilling exit.

The Leader’s Edge continues to offer a full slate of Leadership Development services.

Wonder what creates an edge for you or for your business?

  • Having a “professional outsider” to question your answers;
  • Understanding how your habits and patterns prevent you from being the best leader you can be;
  • Creating, updating and charting progress against strategic, market and financial plans;
  • Uncovering your blind spots;
  • Hiring and keeping the best talent;
  • Developing a deep awareness of how to reach and influence those around you, including staff, clients, vendors, friends and family;
  • Providing professional development opportunities for your employees that builds competence and loyalty.

At The Leader’s Edge, our job is to help you develop your edge.

We offer a complete suite of services all designed to turn you. your executives and your employees into a powerful, results-generating team. You as the CEO or business owner and your direct reports can choose from:

  • Individual Performance Coaching sessions with some of the most seasoned business coaches in Tucson.
  • Training and assessments in Emotional Intelligence. We know you and your team are intelligent–but are you Emotionally Intelligent?
  • Meeting facilitation.
  • A Ten-Part, year long management team training program designed to meet the needs of your team and to be “sticky.”